Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Visitors!

Well, as we had already decided earlier in the year to go home for fireworks, we got a surprise! We found out that Mr. W's brother and his family would be home (from Texas) for a long weekend as well. So this introduces a few more into the cast of players! So we have my brother-in-law, who I will call Moon. Use your imagination, yep you have it figured out, I am almost certain. My sister-in-law, who for blog purposes will be Sister. Then my darling, beautiful niece of who we adore so much, which will be D(rama). Queen. Honestly, George could also have a role as D.King in this family. Never a dull (quiet)moment when those two are together!

So to start it all out, we meet up for a cookout at Sister's parents home. I won't go into naming her whole family to save time. They are an outstanding bunch and so accommodating to include us "inlaws" into their fun and games every time they are visiting. There is a pool... oh man this could spell disaster, I left the suits back at my parent's house. Everyone is there, the kids are getting reacquainted. Uncle Moon goes to see his niece and nephew, kissing on Miss I. and joking with George acting like his was going to throw him in the pool.

D.Queen and Miss I. found that American flags make great window washers, once dipped into the pool. What a fun game that turned out to be!

So everything is going well, food and conversation excellent, and it happened. D. Queen came running naked with swimsuit in hand... crap! I am still eating, maybe Mr. W is done. His plate almost bare, he laughs when I say "We forgot the suits, and D.Queen is ready to swim. Can you go to Wal-mart?". I won't lie and say his response was music to my ears, so I took off in a mood. After purchasing suits for all 3 (Mr. W included - hey someone needs to be in there with our kids) , swim diapers, and swim muscles too, I head back. I walk in to find a crying, upset George... who is sopping wet, head to toe. Apparently Uncle Moon, held true to his threat and George went for a swim. Unfortunately, he doesn't swim well without muscles...

So, George is all upset ONLY because he thought he was going to get in to trouble with me for getting wet, not because he had a near death drowning. Crazy kid, it would be Moon catching my wrath if I had been upset! Okay, okay I should say the guys were all right there and Sister's nephew who was in the pool grabbed him up, he was fine. Sister gathers up the clothes to toss in the dryer, Mr. W is getting Miss I. all suited up and blowing up muscles. George in his new trunks gets all excited and starts to run towards the deep end of the pool to jump in... and falls, scraping both of his knees on the concrete. This is where I could insert a D. King reference. An HOUR he cried and screamed. He finally agrees to get in with Sister's nephew to swim, but not exactly without tears or hesitation.

Time to get dried off and redressed, it is almost time for the parade! We get ready, drive to the other side of town, we have 2 very sleepy and whiny kids lagging behind us while walking to our spot. We find a clear spot and toss a blanket down. What can I say about it, it is a small town parade. Lots of politicians, bands, clubs, and spaces. You know, the spaces where you think "OH, that must have been the last float. Kids, grab your stuff so we can go... Wait, there's more coming around the corner sit back down." We did that like 3 or 4 times. Parade is now over, 2 really tired kids barely making it back to the van.

Now we head to Mr.W's friend's house for friend's mom's birthday. We hardly ever get to see them, and never have time when we are down to visit. We stayed WAY too long. The kids should have had a nap, if nothing else, and we didn't get supper. Next thing you know, time for the fireworks. Now the convenient thing about visiting them, they live across the road from the viewing area, so we have really good parking! We gather up our stuff, throw pants on the kids along with jackets, and hose them down with bug spray.

George was excited, he was finally old enough to "get" the fireworks. Miss I., not so good. She was tired, cranky, and to top it all off she now had bright loud things bursting above her. She covered her eyes and started screaming Go Home, Go Home, Go HOME! You were supposed to tap your red ruby heels together, my dear. I had Mr.W snuggle her head into his stomach and arm to help muffle the sound. I decided then we may as well stay for the rest of them since she had fallen asleep, eyes covered and a scowl on her face.

After the fireworks, we headed for the van. Miss I. stayed as she was, scowl even intact, and George drifted off just after we managed to get out of town. They both were sleeping so sound by the time we got back to my parent's house, neither of them budged as we got their pajamas on them. Such sweet angels when they sleep.

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