Thursday, June 12, 2008

Build your ark, Noah!

Poor baby!

I am just amazed at what's happening in our hometown area. I have no personal pics, but will share some I saved from the local paper's coverage and what I can find online.

Field irrigation system, won't need that right now...

This has been the worst flooding the area has ever seen. Even people who thought they would be in relatively safe areas, had to be evacuated. Some of my family members included. My cousin's son, girlfriend, and baby were evacuated right before their trailer was tipped over sideways. My uncle they went to stay with, isn't far from the flooding. A friend's grandmother (who we all love for her spunk) absolutely refused to leave her house... it got to where she had no choice.

This is a railroad bridge over the Wabash river... it is at least a good 20ft usually from bottom of bridge to the water level.

Very typical view of levees right now, thankfully this one still holding on.

Levees breaking everywhere. The area is now without water due to a water main break which is UNDER the flooded area. They have been told it could be 2 weeks. They did set it up with another water municipal, to hook in with them. The county seat provides water to my hometown, which then provides water to a neighboring town. So basically, there is little water for anyone. It trickles from the tap. And not to mention, what comes out is in a boil order. Several of the county roads are closed, roads that didn't surprise me, and some that really did!

This is the area where Mr. Wizard proposed to me. The picture is hard to tell, but there is a tall wall, basically barely holding that water in. In front of the people standing there, looks like water filling in the railroad track there.

Here is without all the water

This area has a very poor population. Years back, the closing of the big refinery caused some desperate times down there. A lot of people moved, especially the young people, like me. We had nothing to go back to for our hard earned diplomas. The ones that stayed behind, stayed for family, and because that was their home. You have all the farmers there, that basically is losing almost every crop they had planted. This will only make harder times more difficult.

Flood gate in place.

I know this blog is a tad forlorn, not the sarcastic, humorous blog it typically is. This is just very disturbing to me, and makes me wish I could go back and help. Too bad, I would likely have to arrive by boat at this point.

This picture shows about normal levels of water

This is the Connonball Bridge, an old railroad bridge converted to a one-lane car passable toll bridge. I drove over this bridge MANY times, and the water was never even close!! This freaks me out! Oh, and I may want to add, the bridge is closed right now. Take a look at the videos.

I am crediting the photos and videos to Daily Record, Sun Commercial, and iReport.

No product rave this time around except maybe some good hip waders.

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