Sunday, June 22, 2008

Amber Waves Of Grain

So this may be obvious, but this is wheat.

I looked out my window and could not believe the color I saw. The way the sun hit the wheat, it was the most pure color I had ever seen.

With each passing cloud, it seemed to change hue. It was so amazing, amazing enough to take over 100 pictures just of wheat... seriously?! No wonder I was hoping my neighbor wasn't looking over here. I wanted to hide my obsession with his field.

But seriously, storm clouds behind beautifully green trees, with yummy golden stalks. All that behind a very rustic fence, how could I not obsess. The color and opportunity it offered to me was not something I have seen yet out here! Not to mention how peaceful a field can be when my windows are shut and the kids are inside.

And only one person saw my insanity the whole time...

He will never tell.

Product Rave: Kool-Aid Singles.

(Photo to be posted when I have more!)

That's right! Your all time fave as a kid is now portable. You can take an assortment of flavor with you and enjoy it on the road if you like. Go get some! You will enjoy it!

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