Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My first real post

Today has been a riot! No literally! Things thrown, things broken, looting - good times!

And for you to understand that, you need to know more about us!

There's me, The Mellyn. You somewhat met me previously, I was the one drooling and swerving in my van. I have two wonderful kids, Curious George and Little Miss Independent. My wonder husband Mr. Wizard. Funny, that was supposed to say wonderful, yet he does lead me to much wonder, so I am leaving it.

The Mellyn. I am a 30ish yr old, no I am not afraid of my age, I just always have to do the math and I find it doesn't matter much anymore. I LOVE photography. Unfortunately it isn't of kids & families to start my own business. Something about nature and landscapes always catch my eye. I hope one day a scout for National Geographic finds my work, offers me a job, and buys me some tricked out equipment. I love to take on new hobbies, but only for a maximum time of 2 weeks. Photography has stuck with me for quite awhile though.

George is out of Kindergarten, freshly turned 6, and he thinks he could skip 1st grade. Today he has discovered he has big muscles in his arms. He goofed off during his whole baseball game tonight. He is also known to put himself in time out if he gets in trouble. He is highly perceptive, easily distracted, and has such an affinity for learning everything about anything. And something his wife will despise me for, he is a mama's boy. He is a serious gamer whether it is video, computer, board games or cards. He loves to plot against you and cry when you win.

Miss Independent is the loud one of the bunch. She is my mini me. Spitting image tempermant-wise. This can come as a blessing for her in the future, and will make me gray in her teen years. She is fast approaching 3, but if she knew what that meant exactly, she would not turn 3 until she is ready. She's the fearless one, never stops unless I want her to go, and yet can be such a loving, sweet girl. Today she had only maybe 4 tantrums. One was for refusing to let her climb up the bookcase to get to the fish food, so she can give them "Meemees". I found her on the top bunk, with the miniblind wand, sticking it in the ceiling fan for a good time. Bathtime she attempted to wash her own hair, with a head, face, and mouth full of shampoo. Thank goodness for tearless formulas!

Mr. Wizard is just that. He is a science guy. He loves to know how it all works, why it works, and likes to make it not work. He has been a heck of a handyman. We bought an old farmhouse with a decent piece of land. He has done way more than you care for me to list. His big affinity is native trees, the garden, and his future woodshop. He is restoring an old barn just for that purpopse. He is a chemist, which is one reason I married him. I did poorly in chemistry. He is a history buff... yep not a favorite either. And I would be in trouble if I didn't mention this - he is a hardcore Penn State Nittany Lion fan. WE ARE, PENN STATE! Led by the famous Joe Pa. He is alumni, so I think that makes him more mental over it? Regardless, I am a college football widow in the fall.

So where does the riot come in?
Things thrown - Miniblind wand I threw in my closet, hoping to deter my daughter's fun. Tantrums are thrown are they not?
Things broken - A toy, I am sure, somewhere. Broken heart for making my son be nice to his sister.
Looting - I scored $11 bucks in the dryer today!

Rave of the day: Suave Smoothers 2-in-1, Tear Free It has great scents available, even ones that 6yr old boys can use.
The added conditioner eliminates the need for a detangler.
Truly is Tear Free, she had this running down into her eyes!
Makes big bubbles when it runs down into their mouth. Especially huge if they are screaming "My TURN!" as you are scrubbing it all out of their hair. Enjoy this great product!

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