Friday, June 6, 2008

Random Funnies

So in the last day or so, I have heard and witnessed some rather funny things. Where best to share these... blog them! As I sit here eating our nutritious breakfast Little Miss has chosen, I pick up another marshmallow and start typing.

Thursday night my kids were inside happily playing for once, so I went out with Mr. Wizard to walk the garden. He was busy showing me the difference in the sprouts versus the new weeds popping up alongside. To tell the truth, I couldn't tell much of a difference in anything other than the carrots... I felt we had been outside long enough, there could be trouble brewing inside. You never leave my kids, especially Little Miss, for more than 5 minutes. As we are walking towards the house, she is greeting us at the door, with a much droopy diaper. She wanted to put shoes on to come outside, I figured we should change her before going out. Then I found out WHY her diaper was so droopy... George had "helped" her go "potty"! He then fastened her back up once she was "done". And yes I quoted all that, because even at almost 3, she is NOT ready to potty train. I went through this with George, so I am not stressing, it will be fine.

George is full of it, and no I really mean full of it! The things that kid comes up with!! I think he will be one of those heavily pierced kids (once he moves out of my house). He has found that Magnetix are a cool way to look like you have your nose pierced, as well as other parts, please don't make me explain! He even made a ring, placed it in his nose, and was impressed how it made him look like a bull. And yes, another "Judge Me As A Mother" moment... they have Magnetix and I make sure they don't eat them. For breakfast anyway...

Molly, the wonder-mutt, has a funny quirk about her. When she is outside, she likes to enter the door from the side of the porch. So when you open the big door and watch through the glass screen door, you get entertained. She runs off the porch and circles to the side, anticipating that you are letting her in. When you don't, she leaps back on to the porch, sees you standing there, circles to the side. This can happen multiples of times until you either let her in, or shut the big door. Seriously, none too bright.

Another funny I witnessed involves Princess the cat. The big baby, remember? I had set a banker's box that tried to blow away, next to the porch (in Molly's path actually). And it was no time, Princess was in the box sleeping. Glad I put that box there for her, too bad it was going back in my van to contain all the baseball equipment.

Little Miss has her moments too. Like last night while baking cookies. I gave her one, and one to give to George. A little later, they both swung by for a 2nd cookie. As I am pulling more off the cookie sheet onto the cooling rack... I notice an empty spot. Little Miss came in and had helped herself after I had told her no more. She can't fool me... twice.

Need to know anything about those products they advertise on commercials? George can tell you all about them! This was a while back, but I think of it every time the commercial comes on. Life Alert, "Help I've fallen and can't get up!" product. Well, one day on the road to visit the grandparents, we passed by an ambulance barn as an ambulance was leaving. We had to have the whole discussion about how they are going to go help someone. My child then says, being the loving and protecting son he is... "Mom, you need to get a Life Alert!". Pondering if he thought I was that OLD, I asked why. He said, "Well, when I am at school and Daddy is at work, and if Little Miss is napping, you will need it to call for help if you fall down." Awww, he wasn't calling me old.

A product rave from George (just saw a commercial), Spray and Wash Max, with the power of Resolve. He told me all about it. Made sure I understood it has Resolve, the name we trust and love, and now we should trust and love Spray & Wash Max. Keep in mind... I am not a Resolve user, that was straight from the commercial.

Little Miss, oh Little Miss. How did you get so ornery?! OK, well I know it is likely genetic, so I can't complain. She is a popcorn fiend. Morning, Noon, Night... all great times for popcorn! Did I mention she has learned how to get up on the counters thanks to bubba? Yep, she was just closing the microwave door and deciding which button to push as I went to investigate her silence. Talk about a slow mo scene, as I scurry to grab her off the counter and rescue the bag of popcorn before the plastic wrap melted to it.

And it never ends. Just now as I am typing, they are watching Diego. My dear son says, "Mom, I know what kind of tractor Alicia is driving!" (as she is on this red & yellow tractor riding next to a deer). I ask which kind to which he replied " A John Deere, because she is riding as fast as that deer!!". Think about it, the advertisement, "Nothing runs like a Deere". Seriously, he knows everything there is to know about anything in a commercial.

And as I proofread, and started to add pictures, Little Miss was NOT about to let George have the last funny. I just looked over at a full moon, to her saying "Shake your booty, shake your booty". No diaper, she took it off... it is going to be one of those days.

Product Rave: Kroger Brand Mini Marshmallows

I would have never bought these, because I am so leery of store brand products, but George was helping me on that particular grocery run. They are the freshest marshmallows I think I have ever gotten! And not mention, they are a highly nutritious breakfast food as well!

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