Sunday, June 8, 2008

No longer in the Dark Ages

For those that didn't know, we had HORRIBLE storms through here this past week. I am so sick of rain! Well, Friday evening, in the calm, we lost power. THANKS REMC! 25hrs later it returned. Let me tell you about country living, with no power. It may not be that different than when living in the city, but I want to whine.

First there is no light... ANYWHERE. In the city, you may have a neighboring subdivision you can see lights from, local businesses that may help light up a tad. Out here you have fields, pastures, and darkness. Pure darkness. While it makes it awesome for nighttime star viewing, not as fun when it is rainy & cloudy and need a nightlight for your almost 3yr old to sleep. Thanks mom for buying that "Moon In My Room" thing. It is awesome that it is battery powered. But could it have been manufactured with an option of leaving it on for more than 30 minutes at a time? Little Miss, I swear, was waking up every 30-45 minutes and would scream until I fumbled, in the dark, for the tiny remote, to turn the moon back on. By the time I did, she was all a mess, and would need one of us to soothe her... Good times.

Second there is no water. What you say? How can electricity affect water? When you are on a well is how. Those darn wells, need a water pump to get the water out, and those darn pumps, need wattage. True, they do pressurize and hold so many gallons, but you have to go sparingly on those, until you know when the electric is back on. What does that mean... *shudder* no flushing. Now... believe me, when #2 comes along, it gets flushed. I didn't care if I had to go out into the rain, lightning, and wind... I would have gone to the madly rushing creek to collect water to flush with if I had to. Luckily the wheelbarrow was full of rainwater by this time, I knew where the easy water was. Incidentally, did you know if you pour a large amount of water into the toilet bowl, it flushes... I didn't until we lived here! No water also means, no dishes, no laundry, no showers... sounds great huh?! Oh and the obvious, no computers or TV to keep all entertained, no air conditioning, and no cordless phones... and no charger for the cell phones. Good times!

R.I.P. beloved gazebo. We had a nice 6 weeks together.

Third, how to cook? Well, thankfully we have a grill. The food! Ack! Our freezer is stocked and fridge has the milk. Great. Anyone want percolated coffee on the grill? We could have, but decided on breakfast out on Saturday, had a birthday party at 2:30, I only had to worry about supper... hot dogs and brats!

The generator that kept our frozens solid, and the fridged frigid. This thing is ANCIENT, which is why it is still working today. Good old Craftsman!

See the red spot in the field off in the distance? That's the umbrella off the wagon. We'll go get that when we won't sink to our knees in the mud.

The kids LOVED the darkness, this makes a great time to play Flashlight Hide and Seek with daddy upstairs before bed. However, not so impressed when they could see in the morning and not watch the beloved cartoons and/or use the computer for their favorite learning games. V.Smile? Nope. Watch a movie? Nope. Go outside? In the lightning, are you crazy? Awwwww, we don't have anything to do.... Then go grab a book and read like Mommy & Daddy are. They chose to play with the light sabers and Darth Vader Helmet instead. Together... hey, maybe this no electric is a good thing! Fighting over who wears the helmet starts, nevermind.

So here I am, between laundry & dish loads, and pondering over what to actually COOK for lunch. Here are more shots of the area after the storm just before our electric went out:

Product rave:
Homemade Moon Sand!

Though I have never paid for an actual batch of the brand stuff, I think this rates right up there with it! Check out the link to the right and follow the directions... as a hint though, either try to color the flour before adding oil or go with the "natural" color.
Moldable - check
Crumbly - check
Stays moist - check
Makes a mess - check

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