Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So I have a blog!

Yep! The Mellyn is finally joining THAT world. The world with MySpace, Facebook, and now... the blog. I hear the temp underground is starting to cool... I can't say this will be one blog about one particular thing. I have so much going on in my life, it could take us anywhere. From household things, to kid's tips, to product raves, to just plain old life. You will be thrown onto my rollercoaster. Sit back, lower your lap bar, and get ready to scream... unless you're at work, that may be bad.

So to introduce myself, I am Mellyn (real name changed for witness protection program). I am a SAHM. No, not a Sucky Attitude for Hairy Men, no, not Shirtless And Hungry Monkey, not even Short And Happy Mom (though that could be used to sum me up on the good days), but a Stay At Home Mom. I began that trek somewhat when I started hating my job, wanting a 2nd baby, and despising handing one full check a month for childcare. I quit, took my son out of daycare, and began working evenings. I had that baby #2... and wasn't really liking my other job. I take that back I loved my job, I loved most of the people, but the ones I didn't, made me grumpy and stressed. It was kind of like in Office Space, I decided I didn't really feel like going back, and so I just wasn't going to go back. YES I gave my notice like a good girl!

So here I am, ready to share my wealth of knowledge in the domestic wife life. Hold on, you are bound to have a great time.

OK maybe I am making this flashier than it is... but seriously, I have a lot of good ideas that... I take from other people. I will pass along the website or other media, if it wasn't my original idea... I am creative, but have found other people that are WAY cooler than I am and they deserve their due recognition.

Heading out each time... I will leave you with random oddities.

Need to empty your brain a tad more? Purchase and listen to the new Alvin & the Chipmunks Soundtrack CD... while delightful, and containing songs I recognize from childhood... that many songs in a row can do me in! My kids love it, it keeps them from pestering each other in the van, therefore it is worth it for me! Just look out for the slobbering, twitching woman in the swerving van.

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